domingo, 20 de noviembre de 2011

G'day, once more.

Dear Mik and Lily,

I'm writing you this to let you know I am well and alive, nothing save a few broken bones and scratches here and there have harmed me. It is nice to know I'm thought of every now and then. I suppose you could say I'm a ghost, I do nothing more than wave my electromagnetic hair in the crevices of the Internet, it's happens to help me accomplish much.
I'm unsure as to what you would like to know about, but I'll answer any questions you happen to have. I'm preparing to enter a new celebration into the book of holidays: October 13th, the day of the terribly bold coffee in the little hobbit's restaurant at the corner of the plaza in Mexico. Yes, I visited Mexico, and the coffee was stupendously strong... and tasted vaguely of cinnamon. Is this normal?

I wish you both sunshine and bold drinks,