martes, 1 de junio de 2010

Color blind

Have you ever wondered what drinking coffee in the morning would be like, if it was green?
Have you ever wondered what you would call your dog, if instead of being furry or fluffy it was sticky and stringy?
What if your palm tree outside your house was upside down? Or the pillow on your bed was made of blue cheese?
Have you ever wondered?

I have.

In fact, I have wondered so much, that now I call my [very fluffy] dog 'agglu' short for 'agglutinative' which, in case you're a stubborn illiterate, means to adhere with glue. Or, in stupid words, it means sticky.
I once put green coloring in my coffee. I won't say more.
Have you ever tasted blue cheese? Bloody God it's the most atrocious thing you'll ever torture your tongue with. "shudders". Never again. Not even if you stick a blue-cheese stick up my... I'll shut up now.

Now. Onto another famous subject, white pointers. Don't they just make you want to jump into a wave, bounce on it's foamy bubbles and fly?

I once hit the turps and saw a jumbuck. I swear.

I'm losing my aussie linguistics. I thought moving to the land of "free" and the "brave" would bring me "joy" and a "new life". But really, I just miss the sangers and all my mates going around yelling about the rip snorter of a night.

The rock on my window sill just turned purple.